HDPE Elbow Fitting

HDPE  Elbow Fitting

HDPE Fittings Elbow 90 Deg. Long HDPE Elbow 90° are sourced from well known and reputedAsva Corporation. We supply Long HDPE Elbow 90° are manufactured in PE100 (Black) grade and are Standard SDR 11 / SDR 17.6 rated. They are suitable to weld SDR 9 through SDR 21 or PN 6 through PN 16 pipes.

For exact recommendations on compatibility for welding, refer Technical Specifications Manual. Asva HDPE Elbow fittings are suitable for use with Electrofusion fittings and PESO / PE100 pipes for taking permanent connections. both in straight as well as coil form.


Joint preparation must be done as specified in the installation instructions. Pipe outside surface must be scraped to remove oxidized layer. Before fusing, pipe ends and HDPE end of the fittings must be cleaned to remove dirt and contamination.


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